Kei Maekado


大学でデザインを卒業後は奈良の職業訓練校で家具を習い、今は家具・建具職人の見習いをしながらSymbol design worksという名義でデザイン活動をしています。
名刺等の印刷物から机や椅子の家具までsymbol design worksではグラフィックと家具のデザイン・制作をメインに活動をしていますので、相談等ありましたらお気軽にご連絡ください。







After studying design at university I went on to learn furniture craftsmanship at a vocational training school in Nara, Japan. I now continue my work as designer through “Symbol design works”, while working towards an apprenticeship in furniture and joinery.
I believe that the real thrill of design is the ability to go beyond what the eye can see, to understand the real emotion and meaning behind an idea and decide how to express these intangible things during the creation of actual physical objects.
I love the tingle of excitement you get when a well-designed piece conveys more than meets the eye and I work every day in the hope that I can give someone else this special sensation.


The products produced by Symbol design works range from printed graphic design pieces such as business cards, to tables, chairs and other bespoke furniture.
This is just a taste of what I design - so if there is something specific you are looking for then please feel free to get in touch.

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